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My Last Problems...(For This Map)

Yeah, well...version 2.0 of my Naboo: Encounter map is going to be released soon. Here is a list of fixes:

Bleeding issue of Imperials and Republic not bleeding has been fixed.

New weapons for many vehicles to make it realistic to the movies.

All the sounds work.

Better textures in certain areas.

MP info support.

Better AI.


A new vehicle...the Imperial Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry (ILAAT/i). Also known as the Imperial Gunship, a redesigned version of the old Republic Gunship.

Two more Speederbikes for the Imperials and the Republic at their small base.

Unfortunately, this won't be released until some problems are fixed. Here is a link to my problems:

Please freakin' help!! Why is it being mean?!?! After this map my Geonosis: Battlefield map will have to be was being mean...

After that, I am creating a sea map with islands...don't know what I am gonna call it.

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