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Originally posted by Joshi
tried to charge up my stick thing and launch up into it, but I never have enough time to charge up, when i click fire after hitting it on the right, she goes for another swing before she realises i'm holding the button down and by then it's too late.
You can't wait for the stick to be fully loaded. It will do its thing a lot earlier. Just start loading the special attack right after the last standard attack. Through trial and error you'll know when the absolute limit is reached before it attacks again. When you get that moment the stick will usually have charged enough.
Originally posted by Joshi
And I know about the next part, apparently the controls are turned backwards, a "helpfull" friend told me to turn my keyboard upside down for that part. how does that work when I'm using a lapotop?!
That tip isn't relevant. You'll have to memorize the attack patterns anyways. In the end you don't react to what your opponent does, but to what you've learned in the previous fights.
That said, those last two moves where as much luck as experience for me.

Great game.

I expect Psychonauts to be similar, but more diverse. And crazy.

Probably more beards, too.

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