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Scar this has nothing to do with me wanting to control your character. Lets review:

1. You create a character which then spouts a load of mindless drivel.

2. I use this to make a joke that your character is a drug addict. Quite funny and quite harmless since you didn't even care enough to specify his role.

3. You had your character pass out.

4. I had him taken to the med bay.

5. You have your character assassinated, on a warship, in hyperspace.

6. This forces me to initiate a search. I had to do this because no self respecting commander would allow an assassin to run around on his ship.

7. Now instead of just having him tern up as a blank character I could quite happily have locked away, put on trial and duely exicuted you had to make him another invincible remon with a power to counter anything anyone comes up with.

8. You also drew out the search, meaning that I was seriosly behind, had it no been for "Behamoth" then I would have arrived at my staging area on time and Cracken and I could have launched a timed assault.

9. You also forced me to totally cut another battle and as a result of you slowing me up the invasion nearly went up the spout.

10. Given all this I think you should sit on your hands and let me hold your plot up. Try thinking your way out of a problem rather than just bending the laws of physics to suit you, and don't be patronizing, your character is in this mess because you had him tern up on my ship. I also don't see how the escape you staged could by pulled off. You have characters that can manipulate gravity from systems away?

11. I'm not going to kill your character.

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