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((please use OSS tags BD

"1. You create a character which then spouts a load of mindless drivel."

I screwed up.

"2. I use this to make a joke that your character is a drug addict. Quite funny and quite harmless since you didn't even care enough to specify his role."

Was fine with me of course. sure I was a bit annoyed at it, but yes, i screwed up with what to say ^^;;;

"3. You had your character pass out.

4. I had him taken to the med bay.

5. You have your character assassinated, on a warship, in hyperspace."

This is me trying to fix my mistake.

"6. This forces me to initiate a search. I had to do this because no self respecting commander would allow an assassin to run around on his ship."

me by no means ment this not to happen, i did prefer this to happen anyway. better filler.

"7. Now instead of just having him tern up as a blank character I could quite happily have locked away, put on trial and duely exicuted you had to make him another invincible remon with a power to counter anything anyone comes up with."

Okay, now at this part I had though 'Hmm gee where can I turn this into a more benificial part of the story. I mean if this went on any OTHER time in the story with no-named characters, would it be really worth putting it in anyway??'

So I put in my demon, granted I kept LOT of details about him out (for good reasons intended of course). But the deal is is that he's not invincible, dispite his appearence (he looks like he's a human in his earily 30's) he's at least 500 years old (like-wise with talon who also is too 500+ yrs old). I am have been implementing alot of InuYasha rules with demons, how the older they are the more powerful they become with age. And also the type of demon and if they are pure-blooded demon or a mere half-breed, also dictates how powerful they are.

so you have Behamoth and Talon whom are the most powerful demons about right now, and to just ot remind you they're not hell spawns, Talon was born a human, and Behamoth was 'created' as a clone of Talon as Davin whom later transended into a full-breed. But thats another story.


might as well spill. I'm sorta having a story building up like redwing's character, where Behamoth is sorta leading a group of half-demons and humans whom are agenst Talon's ever-so growing empire. and now it'll start spilling into THIS universe.

so why is Davin/Behamoth acting as a 'hired-gun' for the Kilrathi?
Capital. Simple green. Dead presidents...
you get the idea. Can't start a revolution with out some cash, and now that they're coming into this universe, they might as well find a way to get some quick cash.

So to save up some time, Behamoth used the shadow's computer to look up some 'bad-guys' whom are on that list and, well, play judge-jury-executioner

Ironically, Behamoth is playing with Red's 'bad-guys' and Talon's got a good rupor with red's 'good-guys'

"8. You also drew out the search, meaning that I was seriosly behind, had it no been for "Behamoth" then I would have arrived at my staging area on time and Cracken and I could have launched a timed assault."

Sorry about that, to be honest, I was looking for more posts in general about your search. IE: investigating the clothes left by behamoth. and I guess I could have given a basic description to ya that a FEW cameras got a shot at him...

"9. You also forced me to totally cut another battle and as a result of you slowing me up the invasion nearly went up the spout."

Again, I appologise...

"10. Given all this I think you should sit on your hands and let me hold your plot up. Try thinking your way out of a problem rather than just bending the laws of physics to suit you, and don't be patronizing, your character is in this mess because you had him tern up on my ship. I also don't see how the escape you staged could by pulled off. You have characters that can manipulate gravity from systems away?"

Yeah okay.

Yes, remember Deac's character in 'Forgotten Angels"? (stated yet once more)
Add more then just one of em, add a demon who has high telekenetic and telepathic abilities (his/her demonic ability/trait). Scout a place in the universe, and then have the demon with the tele-whatever abilities to 'control' the other demons with powers that control gravity, to 'warp' space to create a wormhole.

at least thats how my story is following it. I donno, create me a wormhole in a different way, and I'll stand corrected.

"11. I'm not going to kill your character."

Fine then, I don't give you permission do to it anyway ))

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