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I arrived at CIA HQ and demanded my pay, they wouldn't give it to me so I grabbed the payment officer by teh neck, choked him, and threw him on the ground. I looted his corpse and the bank for my pay, and a little bonus and left. I contacted Adam and said "I quit! You payment officers are to dumb. They even told me that you demanded that I don't get pay!I didn't belive, I could read it in their eyes, but your employees are to idiotic. I am not working for you any mroe you nerd." I broke off the transmission and went to where Tara and Jack and Trent were. "I've been listening in to yoru whole conversation. I know Adams facility inside and out. I can help you." I pulled out a pistol, knowing it's very likely they'd know I worked for Adam, and tehy might try to kill me.

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