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Lets review:

1. You create a character which then spouts a load of mindless drivel.
Keep in mind you did invite everyone to make random characters.

2. I use this to make a joke that your character is a drug addict. Quite funny and quite harmless since you didn't even care enough to specify his role.
It wasn't funny to Scar, so it wasn't harmless

7. Now instead of just having him tern up as a blank character I could quite happily have locked away, put on trial and duely exicuted you had to make him another invincible remon
Which is cliche and boring. Scar came up with having the assassin on board because he thought it would be interesting. Why would he have made ANOTHER blank character for you to play with, after the first one turned out so well?

8. You also drew out the search, meaning that I was seriosly behind, had it no been for "Behamoth" then I would have arrived at my staging area on time and Cracken and I could have launched a timed assault.

9. You also forced me to totally cut another battle and as a result of you slowing me up the invasion nearly went up the spout.
All would've been avoided if you'd talked this out with Scar, yes?


So I put in my demon, granted I kept LOT of details about him out (for good reasons intended of course). But the deal is is that he's not invincible, dispite his appearence (he looks like he's a human in his earily 30's) he's at least 500 years old (like-wise with talon who also is too 500+ yrs old). I am have been implementing alot of InuYasha rules with demons, how the older they are the more powerful they become with age. And also the type of demon and if they are pure-blooded demon or a mere half-breed, also dictates how powerful they are.

so you have Behamoth and Talon whom are the most powerful demons about right now
Honestly that doesn't help your case. Your main demon characters are all super-powered (which is what I believe BD meant by invincible.) Just because the nameless faceless crowd of generic background demons aren't invincible doesn't mean much.

This year so far is jinxed RPG-wise. I couldn't post much for a month, so I slowed down the RPGs, and now that I can, Cracken can't, and Admiral can't. And I can't work around either of them because each of them just has to do ONE THING before I can do the next thing.

Say, BD, or want to resurrect one of your stalled RPGs while we wait for Cracken and Admiral to get un-busy? Like, say, this one? ))

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