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"You mean literally? watch this."
said Oetch as he picked up a rocket launcher. "Asta Lavista you black helmet freaks. " He then fired to rockets at the organised battalion and blasted them all down. He did that one more time and for his final rocket he hsot it at the command building and blew the communications tower into smitherens. "Okay kid now lets blow this thing and go home!" ((hehehe quote from a New Hope)) said Oetch as he threw a detonator at the armory of the base. BIG MISTAKE Their was explosives in it. The whole base blew up, killing many imperials and injring to rebels badly. Everyone who was not killed was sent flying ten feet because of the force

"Many Bothan spies died to deliver data regarding the second Death Star to the Alliance, just before the Battle of Endor. " Star Wars databank,

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