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to quote RedHawke....

Red Alert!!

Apparently the placeable file I used for Xia's Items will eventually cause conflicts on the StarForge! ACK! :

I had used Fred's search feature to try and make sure that this particular .utc wouldn't conflict, but methinks I've overlooked something! Anywho, DO NOT use the n_sithappren002.utc file in my mod

I'll release a fix either later tonight or tomorrow, so for now you'll have to use cheat codes. Sorry everyone, I'll make it up to ya'

And thank you RedHawke for giving me the heads up before I started receiving Comments and PM's as to why my mod all of a sudden craps up I could just imagine the new curse words I'd be making up trying to find out this problem heheh...

Figures... I'm unable to make a comment on my mod at pcgamemods ummm...T7 ... help... I'm gettin gthis error message:

Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_array() on a non-object in /home/web/pcgm2/forum/functions.php on line 8

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