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Originally posted by Darkkender
Well I'm still going to download this. I'm sure I can make the fix myself.
Yeah, that's kinda what I was hoping with at least the first few people who downloaded it It's not a major thing for me to fix, I just have 'get home' first before I can do anything.... hehe

Thanks! That comment window was the first ting I noticed At least the warning is out there for the ones who don't frequent Holowan (blasphemy). I'll be sure to let everyone know when I get the new version posted

@Darth333 & RedHawke
Thanks for the help & advice on scripts. I definitely plan on using this method come TSL time, I just wanted to act 'bratty' while I could (before I start begging for script help in the future) hehe. I'm indeed more comfortable using them after doing the Segan Saber mod, so now you get to 'look forward' to me bugging everyone to death on script advice (after reading the tutorials of course )

Thanks everyone for the feedback! as Darkkender has stated, you can get these in the game yourself for those not wanting to wait, just make sure you don't use the n_sithappren002.utc file. If you're not sure how, here's the perfect opportunity for the beginner modder to learn & tryout

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