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Lightbulb Cheats for TSL

Ok, basically the cheats for Kotor work with TSL. So go here and read what to do:

Thing that is different is that when you press ` in game, you will not see a prompt but go ahead and enter the code, it will work. Now some of the give codes don't work as some item names have changed so trial and error is needed for those. Also, the Kotor Save Editor does work as well with TSL, just do not edit your Feats, Powers, or Items until they update it.

Now back to the Dark Side, fair and square!

Edited by Darth333: you will find a list of items to get with the givetiem cheat in this post.

But why cheat when you can use tk102's KSE to edit your savegames? you can even change your appearance and much more. You can get KSE here

Edited by RedHawke: Tweaked the KotOR I instructions for clairification.


Find the file called "swkotor2.ini" in your Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords game folder. Edit the file with Notepad and under the line [Game Options] add the following line:

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