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((Sorry, for the delay but I'm still sick so please bear with me))

[Time skip: 10 hours, it is in the middle of the night]

*The Aesir silently leave the Asgardried wearing cloaks and armor the Heimdall had just finished repairing. They walk slowly towards the beach were the three drakes stood next to a pile of lumber they had collected early that night. The wood was arranged like a tee-pee.

Coming to the drakes the Aesir formed themselves into semi-circle facing the Drakes with the wood pile in the center. Heimdall outstreched his hand and poke a word, fire leapt from his hand into the woodpile igniting it immedaitly. Idun then produced a silver chalice from under her cloak. The chalice had a scene of a battlefield intricatly carved into it, with two entwined drakes creating a handle.

Idun left the circle and walked to the drake who stood in between the other two and knelt on a knee holding the chalice up to the drake. The drake then spoke with his deep voice in for a couple of minutes in the Aesir's native tongue. When he was done the drake lifted it's arms above the chalice, slipped a talon under one of it's scales. Blood dripped down the drakes arm into the chalice for a couple of minute. Removing his talon from under his scale the bloodflow immediatly stops, and Idun stands.

Turning to face the rest of the Aesir Idun takes a sip from the chalice, her pupils widden from drinking the blood. Idun then hands the cup to Viddall who also takes a sip which like Idun caused his pupils to widden before handing it to Ragnar. The chalice was passed among the Aesir, each take a sip even Gerd, each having the pupils widden. Vidar was the last to drink from the chalice, and as his pupils widden he walked to the fire poored the remaining blood onto it and took a quick step back.

When the first drop of blood touched the flames it roared with life, stretching high into the sky. At it's pinnicale of the fire, nine flames form into minature drakes who fly towards the Aesir, trailing a strings of fire. The flame drakes hit each Aesir in the center of their chests causing them to stagger a litte, Gerd had to take a step backwards. The strings of fire followed the drakes into the Aesir. A minute later the fire was extingished having entirely been absorbed by the Aesir.

The Aesir gave the drakes short bows, turned and walked back towards the Asgardried in silence, cloaks barely moving as they walked.*

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