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Okie Dokie... I've uploaded a new version at You can get it HERE. I also updated the link in my first post to point to the correct URL.

Again it's just a simple .utc placement (I know, I know...I promise to do better in TSL ) but just to get this new version out before the 'damaged' one gets too far distributed, I opted to go this route.

You can now find the Xia Items in a footlocker "footlker001.utp"............ I'm Kidding!! don't shoot! ..hehe..

Xia's Items (Robes & 2 short sabers) can be found on Selven the Bounty Hunter's corpse (Taris female with attitude). Plus, since I goofed, there's a nice little belt included to help better outfit our 'stealthy ninja-esque' PC

Sorry for the goof! and again, thanks for saving my neck RedHawke! You too T7 for posting the warning on my old version. If it's ok, would you mind deleting the old one.... pleeeaase

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