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The "Switch to Worms Armageddon" Initiative

As myself and Benzo have been discussing tonight, it might be a very good idea to stop playing Worms World Party, and instead switch to the slightly older Worms Armageddon. Why, you ask? Well, let's see..

To be frank, Worms World Party is an extremely cheap game. It is quite literally Worms Armageddon, but with a cheesey cartoonified interface, plus Wormpot (the thing that allows "high damage animals" and stuff, even though all this can be set manually in the weapon settings anyway). Other than that, Worms World Party is identical in practically every single way to Worms World Party.

So, why switch, you ask? See, just like we all realise that Worms Mayhem is a totally cheap spinoff of Worms 3D that isn't worth buying, everyone who liked Worms Armageddon realised that Worms World Party was just a cheap spinoff of that to make some extra cash. So, the community rejected it, and as such Worms Armageddon has a much larger community.

In addition to this though, and this is the biggie, it has a community developed patch. Seemingly well hooked-up with Team17, one guy has been tirelessly updating a "beta patch" for Worms Armageddon, which will ultimately become an official patch.

But, we can download and use the patch right now. The patch does such things as allow alt-tabbing both in wormnet and ingame, it allows you to use any resolution up to 1920x1440, you can adjust volume in-game, and quite literally dozens more things. I have uploaded the full version history below. I suggest reading through it -- a lot of seriously cool stuff has been added/fixed.

So yeah, me and Benzo think that it might be seriously worth switching to take advantage of all these features. We're both getting WA right now, and assuming that it all works correctly, we can distribute it to anyone who hasn't got it if required. For total wimps (Tones), I might even be prepared to postal-mail a CD across since it costs next-to-nothing anyway.

So, think about it people! Our Worms could be so much better for it. The only thing we'd really lose is Wormpot, and let's be honest, do we really care that much about it to not benefit from all these patch fixes? All of our graves, soundbanks, and everything else will be 100% compatible.

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