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((Well I don't want to get into all the mystisism about vampires, threre's just too many variations and everyone playing will have their own idea of what a vampire should be. I like the Underworld aproach it's just cool.))

Three Hokusha vampires had been slain, the clan would not forget it. An investigation into the matter commenced imediately...

Carth woke up with blurry vision and bandages wrapped around his head. A nurse told him he'd be fine but sustained some major injuries. He told the nurse about how the vampires and how one of them bit another man, but Carth didn't and still doesn't know that they are in fact, vampires.

((I'll keep your ideas in mind for future races and factions, but for the time being we'll leave the humans and vampires as they are. I do like the sound of what your saying, Perhaps there can be a clan of vampire hunters who have developed these skills. We won't introduce anything new in this part though but definetly in part 2.))

((Okay, the clan will have informants in the hospital and eventually will hear about what happened as word get's around from the nurses and medical reports. Sabrina would know this and should probably want to get them out of there.))

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