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Originally posted by Alien426
OS: bah, I'll program my own OS to get away from you people with your crappy Windux and Linows
...Programming an own OS is quite easy (been there, done that)... The problem is programming an OS that actually does something usefull...

Originally posted by Alien426
Doc: You use a GUI? I only use the console!! On the way out don't forget to leave your Pocket Protector. You're just not geek enough anymore.
...When I'm programming X-stuff, I use X, of course (With thousands of xterms)... When I'm programming stuff for the console, I use the console... But I thought posting screenshots of the console isn't that exiting, but if you really want, I'll post some as soon as I get home...

Originally posted by Alien426
Ray: Cedega? You pay for system software? I only use GNU GPL products!!
...You don't have to pay for Cedega/WineX, you can download the CVS-Version for free... But it's unsupported and you'll have to compile it yourself (no problem for me)... And you really shouldn't look at the code, if you ever want to sleep again, it's horrible...

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