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coming soon
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this is my baby, she's almost 3 years old so she's getting on a bit now.

OS: Windows XP SP2 and i don't care
CPU: Pentium 4 2.66 GHz
FSB: 533MHz - L1 Cache Size: 8 KB - L2/L3 Cache Size: L2 512 KB
RAM: 512MB PC2700 DDR
Hard Disk: Maxtor UDMA133 80GB (60GB free)
CD-R 50x24x50
Video Card: nVidia Geforce 4 MX 440 128 MB DDR
sound card: Creative SoundBlaster Live
speakers: 2 desktop speaker
mouse: Microsoft USB Opitcal mouse
keyboard: average generic ps/2 keyboard
Monitor: 17 TFT
PSU: 300W
Case: midi tower - mainly white with a little bit of blue plastic on the front.
Mouse mat: blue, with non-slip rubber underside

i hope to upgrade the RAM to 1GB and buy a new video card soon.
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