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((So Drakes can be hurt!))

*Far away from the Aesir and out of sight can be heard the crash or steel as Drago and Hal fight, bear chested, in the moonlight. Both men have been at it for over half an hour solid and both are begining to flag, finally Hal manages to plant his boot in Drago's ankle and bring the bearded warrior down.*

Hal: You loose.

*He extends his hand and helps Drago up.*

Drago: I must be getting old!

*They both laugh.*

*From out of the darkness can be heard slow clapping, Allessa walks out of the shadows and crosses her arms infront of her.*

Allessa: Well done Hal, how much longer are you going to keep this up? I think we can all see you're as good with a sword as your father. Isn't it about time you learned some of his other skills?

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