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(Out of Character: Yeah...Underworld is cool. Anyways, back to the RPG. I'm assuming it'z morning, right?)


Sabrina went down a subway entrance and onto a platform. Making sure no one was looking, Sabrina and her friends exited the platform thru a tunnel. She then led the way to an old abandon room down in the sewers, in one of the tunnels. Once reaching there, Sabrina fixed a couple of wires to make the electricity flow thru the room. She flicked on the which. By looking around the room, Sabrina figured that it was used to monitor the subways that run underneath the city of York.
Sabrina walked over to a control console and brushed off some dust. "We are going to live here for now on. To make it more comfortable, we get some stuff...cautiously." She looked at two of her friends, Jennifer Benedict and Ryan Turner, two of her human friends. "You two are humans, so you can get us some stuff during the day."

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