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for me space battles for imps consist of:

Mass capital ships(ISD, SSD, VSD) protected by smaller capital ships and anti starfighter ships(Acclemator, small new escort they put in not sure what its called)

TIE OVERDOSE. massive waves of TIEs followed by TIE bombers from behind

Flanking. TIE Fighters/Bombers coming from sides to hit all parts of enemy ships. Or capital ships(VSD, Acclemator) hitting with TIE support

Blockade running. Not sure if this will work, but sending transports to run past rebel fleet with outside transports empty before a fleet battle.

Possible space stations use. moving fleet to surround space station allowing it to fire on enemy fleet while your capital ships do the same and protect teh station all at once.

Boarding. pretty basic, hope we can do it in EaW

well now we can only wait i guess(and do other things )

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