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I don't mind Linux users. In fact, I speak to loads of them on a daily basis. But what really irritates me are those that feel the need to constantly pipe on about how superior it is to Windows.

Seriously, Linux is probably one of the most non user-friendly operating systems around. Even the GUIs that attempt to make it look remotely respectable are absolutely horrible, demonstrated to an epic degree in the screendumps in your first post, McCoy.

It looks way too ugly for the average user, and the extra level of "control" that you get with Linux is completely irrelevant for most people. Whilst I can appreciate that explorer is a fairly ugly shell, there are alternatives out there which completely piss all over anything that Linux has to offer.

Not only that, but Windows does pretty much anything that most users could ever want. Seriously, I cannot think of anything that I could possibly want in a computer that isn't already offered by Windows. If you can name anything, I'll quite happily change my opinion. Windows also has the huge advantage of being simple enough for people with minimal computer experience to install and use. If you think of that as a bad thing, you're a misguided tool.

I've no problem with people using alternative operating systems such as Linux, OSX, or any of the other *nix varieties out there. I just find it infuriating when those same people try to play the superiority card and make out that Windows is a genuinely bad operating system.


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