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Hee, actually my grandma has successfully installed it. I was there just in case she managed to somehow screw it up, but she did it. I just had to rush her along at times by pointing out where to go, rather than giving her time to read the instructions properly. I have no doubt that she would have still gotten, it though. Certainly a lot easier than if she had used a Linux distribution.

As for your points, what? Why should Bill Gates' lies concern me? That's just being anal, since these "lies" (care to elaborate) haven't actively affected me at all. Trojans and virii? That's what antivirus programs are for -- I've not run into a single virus in years. If Linux were to enjoy the same popularity as Windows, it too would be infested with such programs. You currently have the benefit of the niche.

And Windows has nothing to do with the software I use. Adobe's Photoshop is never going to free, so I don't lose sleep at night over it not being. I don't really use any of Windows' programs, and the programs that I do use are generally available for free, just like they are with Linux. The only things I actually pay for are games, and the few "serious" programs such as Photoshop and Maya. Everything else is freeware.

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