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Originally posted by Thrik
Certainly a lot easier than if she had used a Linux distribution.
I had my mother (no real computer experience) install and use SuSE... She had no problems, I showed her the menus and she got quite addictive to Frozen Bubble...

Originally posted by Thrik
That's just being anal, since these "lies" (care to elaborate) haven't actively affected me at all.
"The truth is: the fewer operating systems there are within a company, the better it is from a security point of view."
[On virii:] "Linux is, in many respects, even more significantly affected."
[On vulnerability:]"The speed with which, for example, the Linux community reacts to problems is not especially high -- that's because this system, unlike ours, simply does not keep thousands of people on standby to deal with problems."

Quoted from,00.html

...It simply shows what Bill'll do just to disgrace others... Adding that Microsoft is know to patent many trivial things and has no problems with spying on their customers, I wouldn't trust them (and their OS) a bit...

Originally posted by Thrik
If Linux were to enjoy the same popularity as Windows, it too would be infested with such programs.
...This is partly, but not completely true... In Windows, many parts are "buried" and entangle deep into the system, like the explorer... This is a major vulnerability...

Originally posted by Thrik
I don't really use any of Windows' programs, and the programs that I do use are generally available for free, just like they are with Linux.
...They are really free? You get the code and can change/improve the program if you want?
I can do that with all programs I use... And even with the kernel (which is perfectly adjusted to my system, btw)...

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