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I'm not a software developer, I'm a designer. I have no interest in scouring the source code of programs in order to fine-tune them, I simply take them as they come -- which goes for a high majority of people. It's a factor that simply doesn't come into my equation.

I do appreciate that you have your own reasons for using Linux. I have no problem with that, and Huz once wrote a great little article about how Linux is a great operating system for developers, whether it be hobbyist or professional. For a lot of people though, Windows is a perfectly good operating system, which does everything that they need.

My main problem is the whole "Windows sucks, Linux is God" opinion that some Linux users flaunt. Whether you are joking or not, it's annoying. When every other Linux user is doing it (I see "jokes" like yours on IRC multiple times a day), it goes well beyond humour. I'm not sure what the deal is, it's not like you get Windows users going "Linux? More like LinSUX. Windows ownz!!!!1111oneoneone". There just seems to be something about Linux and superiority complexes.

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