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Clan Name: ISC (Imperial Stormtrooper Corps)
Leaders: (ISC)Spawn and Me
Faction: Any we don't have a specific one, even though our name is imperial

ISC (Imperial Stormtrooper Corps) support Star Wars: Battlefront, and Star Wars: Republic Commando. and are always out to look for new members, we are a big clan, in military structure, all members speak english or atleast can type it, and we have members coming from all around the globe. we also have a Battlefront Server which is called and its in the server lists. ISC is a division of RJK, and RJK supports many games. ISC wants to exband, and get more members, so we would welcome any person willing to join into ISC with open arms, i am provideing you here with some pictures from our site to see if you like it, or you can check it out by going to and checking out ISC

Anyone interested in Joining, follow these simple steps to gain membership, we don't have any tests, to get in, and we are not a skill clan, so we accept any skill of player, but we do have an elite part for the good players in ISC, but we also have a training center where we teach members how to play the game, if they want any tips or help they can just ask. here are the steps on joining.

1: go to
2: Click on Join/About
3: Read the Page
4: Click on Continue with enlistment
5: Read the Terms
6: If you agree, click on I agree
7: Complete your Form (put JediRanger as your recruiter)
8: Use the E-Mail you recieve to activate your account
9: Complete the "Basic" Training Course (easy quiz)
10: Click on Join/About again, then look for ISC, and click Join ISC,

then your done, and are a member of ISC, its that easy

here are the images from our forum
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