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luke - you seem to have missed the point. The VSD was never seen in the films, and hence it doesnt matter if it is redesigned. Also, what I am suggesting is the VSD be redesigned to fit more with what it is supposed to be. After all, the VSD is supposed to be the forerunner to the ISD, and yet shows absolutely no design progression from the RAS and ISD. Redesigning the ship would give it more credibility and frankly it would look better. Really, at the moment, all it is is a smaller ISD with superficial cheek fairings - for all intents and purposes they are identical.

As for the AT-AT, it is all about the evolution of the vehicles and ships. In this case, we go AT-TE --> AT-AT. Now, if EU created something in between the AT-TE and AT-AT, would you expect it to look like an AT-AT with extremely minor superficial changes, or ywould you expect it to look like a cross between the AT-TE and AT-AT? That same goes for the VSD. The line we have is RAS --> ISD, with EU making it RAS --> VSD --> ISD. Therefore, logic dictates that the VSD should show a design progression from the RAS to ISD.

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