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Originally posted by Darth333
I don't think I'll incorporate this armband with the warping armband. However, I could release a package with the two armbands: one for warping and one for getting the coordinates.

The main reason is that I want the "Whereami" amrband to be easy and quick to use. Entering into a dialogue each time you activate the armband to get the coordinates would be annoying. I'll see hwat I can do for the rest (I don't have nwscript with me right now).

Edit: sorry Leviathan but that's not possible.
Thanks that would be great. That had actually donned on me but I figured to throw it out there just incase as a tertiary feature to the armband or more as a question in case you had planned something like that.

I suppose you can make it the modders toolkit and have it able to be picked up in the medlab on peragus so we don't have to cheat to get the 2 or more item tools we will need to mod like madmen, women, & "Evil Darth Moderator types" on fire.

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