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Wow, this could be the one.

After playing the demo, it was a refresher. It reminded me of the beauties and intricacies of the best Star Wars FPS: Jedi Knight. In comparison to any other FPS out there, it didn't fall short at all. It had badass weaponry, crisp graphics, and a unique musical score (a nice touch considering that every Star Wars game basically rips from movie titles).

The squad element is impressive. Command is easy to manipulate, especially with given formations (Form up, secure area, recall) and suggested operations in the environment (hacking, demolition, sniping). Revive was the most astonishing aspect though; I love the distorted, hazy red mask view of the battle above.

The atmosphere was dark and intimidating. Awesome. The enemies were similarly cold. This quality in the setting and NPCs was a major setback to JO and JA: they were too cartoonish.

I can't wait for MP. I can't wait for this whole game. w00t. LEC gets a clap from me.

RC could be the FPS that will secure LEC's past reputation as a quality game producer.

Rating: 9/10
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