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Originally posted by Curt-Man
"hmm sounds go- hold on i'm getting a call" Trent picked the phone up and listened then yelled.
"geez! men, cuff him and take him to a cell we got a killer on hour hands." Trent's men handcuffed the man and took him away.
"he killed one of our employees here i'm going to talk to him soon but here is the equpiment room.'' Trent opened a door and let them into a room full of racks fo weapons, both guns and melee.
"this is our weapons room, we have swords from people weve arrested but the knives are for assassins we have and whatnot, so have fun." Trent walked up to one rack and pulled some ammo for his desert eagle out and but it on his belt then grabbed a shoulder holster and a smg ad put it in.
((Curt Man, isn't it god modeing to just "carrie me off"? And the nI end up in teh cell and can do nothing?)) I shot my pistol in the gaurds faces, bleed streamed out, it was a disturbign sight. "Try anythign funny again, and you'll end up like them!" I dropped my gun on the floor, then my cell rang, instead of my headset I pulled out a flippy phone and flipped it, and took the incomeign call. "What?"... "Pathetic, I'll deal with you myself later," ... "*grunts* SHUT UP! I can't go right now, you idiot! How could you..." then teh transmission was cut off. I yurned off my phone and flipped it back, and put it away. "You are not takeing me to a cell, you want to get into Adam's base, not to mention find it, you'll need my help!" I kicked my pistol across the floor to Jack's feet.

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