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I was in the tomb on Korriban, and had just met with Kreia, when this happens:

All of my friends arrived, and while I had conversation with Kreia, they started killing the animals I had dragged to her (I didn't kill them - just replayed it for kicks)... And they did that while talking to me and Kreia!!! Major fun!! Like some kind of I-can't-get-enough-of-that-wonderful-killing-and-I-can-have-a-serious-conversation-meanwhile-maniacs!! Actually, they gained xp for it... CALL IT MULTITASKING!!

They're in the background fighting animals if you haven't noticed... And then look at my first choice of reply: "What they are doing is wrong. I will stand with you, Kreia."


But hey, I really like the game... It crashed several times for me, because I have an ATI Mobility graphics card, that it couldn't really work with... and, the worst crash in my life happened today, just after
I had killed Scarface at the end of the game: He is about to start talking to me and allow me to go to Kreia, but my last action (kill) got a grip of him while we were out of combat!!!!! It resulted in him standing there, nodding towards me when I tried to talk to him, and I couldn't get out of the room. I was stucked with a scarred mother****er who couldn't speak!!!! He just turned to me, nodded and held his arm like it really really hurt. So, I had to load a game four hours earlier, because I hadn't saved besides quicksaves, and I saved just after I thought I killed him (which I hadn't!!)... That pissed me off, and I was so close to dropping it all, but then, hey, I've played all weekend, now I just have to do two hours repeating... :P... But I managed it... But why is Malachor such a dull place?? And why did I have to fight that Wookie again?? I never used the damn girl!!

But right, I've finished the game now, and whoa, real life smells good... It is a great game, and the moral issues are much more complicated than in the prequal... The lightside responses are more masked and that is very cool. Still, the tomb on Korriban makes it almost impossible to stay good. The graphics could be a whole lot better too... unfortunately, I just finished it... right before the patch came out... :P

But hey, I looove the music!! And it is cool that you achieve forcepowers from the beginning!! And the incredible big number of missions... and friends (don't really know about them - got a dumb historian on Dantooine, whom I couldn't use for anything because it was the last planet on my list, but hey, my ship got filled pretty much to the last square...)

So - cool game, but glad to be out of it. It totally deprived me of my freedom for 5 days!!

Yours Sincerely

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