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Originally posted by maverick187
Quick off-topic question, I assume that lightsaber creation and "upgradeable compatibilty" is the same as in KotOR 1, with just the simple upcrystals.2da editing required, the only exception being that this time around the upgrade crystals themselves hold the properties that will be add on to the sabers? Just asking so I know what I need to edit on my Upgradeable Saber tutorial.
Yes the upcrystals.2da file for the color crystals is still the same... but the beauty of the new upgrade system is in the upgrades.2da, now it lists the upgrades and focusing crystals, like upcrystals.2da does for the color crystals in that the row numbers don't matter either, and the upgrades .uti files themselves contain the properties they grant, so adding in upgrade crystals is a snap now!

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