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Fixer is waaaay too by the book.

They all make some pretty nasty comments depending on how you die. Sev says that you need to be sent back to basic training, Fixer helpfully suggests things like letting Scorch handle the explosives that make me want to vibroblade him in the back.. and if you go down frequently Sev says "There he goes.... again"

However if you go down to enemy fire they get pretty angry and show their loyalty by killing the enemy very quickly!

I think the individual sounds for different enemies add a lot to the game... your team actually differentiates between different types of enemy

All in all I have to go with Scorch or Sev. The things you say when you put them in their favorite roles are great.

"Enemies go boom sir?"

"Your life does flash before your eyes before you die..... the process is called LIVING"
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