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Exclamation Munging errors...

Hi all !

I've modified one of the Offical Map, the City of Tipoca, to allow Rebels and Imperials to clash each other on Kamino. All occurs well until the munging process ; At a certain time appears this kind of message in the command-line prompt :
Error: Input file d:\program\sound\worlds\kam3\.\[*.REQ files] does not exist [continuing]
[*.REQ files] correspond to all the *.REQ files included in my map. There are several tens of these lines ! One for each *.REQ file. I specify too that I've installed all my map's files in the following directory : D:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront\Mod Tools\BFBuilder\Datakam3 and not in d:\program\sound\worlds\kam3 !
Finally, I can not munge any sound files ! The "sound" folder is created, but there's no *.LVL file inside...
I hope help from you...
Thanks in advance !...
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