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Question Weapon Expansion Pack SWBF V1.2

Hi All,

I have made an expansion pack that was inspired by Lord Xander's expansion packs for ver. 1.1. It is in the form of a patch made with PatchMaker1.2g. Please read the following:

-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-Star Wars Battlefront-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

Author: Daiko701

File(s): rep.lvl , imp.lvl , all.lvl , cis.lvl

File Description: This mod will give the following sides new weapons in place of the standard pistol backup: Republic (Clones), Imperial (Empire), and Alliance (Rebels) with the exception of the regular infantry class. All moddified classes pistols have been replaced with the respective sides blaster rifle, with Unlimited Ammo. The Republic Jettrooper and Imperial Darktrooper now have unlimited fuel for their jetpacks as well. To balance this out the CIS's Droideka Sheilds have been upgraded to withstand more damage by recharging faster. No other changes were made (at this time) to the Seperatists (CIS).

Installation: **Be sure to make a backup of your original files, ( rep.lvl, imp.lvl, all.lvl, and cis.lvl ), in case you wish to uninstall at a later time. Run the executable program and direct the program to your default game directory for SWBF. The game default is: " C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\Data\_LVL_PC\SIDE " directory.

Uninstallation: Replace the files with your original backups to: " C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront\GameData\Data\_LVL_PC\SIDE "

Legal Stuff: This modification is not made or distributed by Pandemic or Lucas Arts and therefore is not supported in any way, Use At Your Own Risk.


*EDIT* Here are two links, one direct and one over at the great site so enjoy.......



Thanks go out to Lord xander aka Gen Xander for his inspirational clone and imperial expansion packs that got me interested in trying to accomplish this. Not to mention his help on anything I got stuck with. Big thanks to all in the community who have pushed the envelope in modding this great game and to the developers continual support, (officially or unofficially).

Everyone needs a little Peace.............Dai Ko Myo

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