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Originally posted by GotGoose?
Hey, I have a question.

How do you enable an item to be "used" and execute a script.

If I knew how to do that, I could call up the workbench from an armband.
Since .uti files do not have a script field, you have to use spells.2da and initiate a conversation with the PC that fires when the armband is used.

Originally posted by StormTrooper789
Is there any way that an armband that is just able to get orientation to be made for KOTOR I? The 'whereami' cheat on KOTOR I only gives you XYZ.
Sure, will do but wouldn't you prefer to get all the coordinates so that you can extract them and then simply paste them into the .git file?

BTW I uploaded a new version of the armband that gives the name of the module, as per Darkkender's request.
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