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Oho, a testimonial. Or perhaps a testermonial. Tester testimonial?

Anyway, excellent! An early (or simultaneous) Xbox demo release will definitely help the game out a lot, especially considering how the Xbox is pretty much dominating the console market at the moment. A PC version would also of course be helpful, but focusing on the console market is definitely wise.

Hours and hours of gameplay, you say? The sheer level of depth to the game shown so far is extremely impressive, and is definitely something that'll be a nice recall to my adventure gaming days where I would sit clicking and studying every last pixel on the screen for anything new. I'm a sucker for detail, and Psychonauts looks like it won't disappoint. Bullet reels and dogtags for plants? Simply awesome.

I was speaking with Jake the other day about just how brilliant the art direction is. Psychonauts just goes above and beyond what any other game has on the artistic wavelength. I mean, you can look at a small screen capture of the sky on any level, and almost immediately recognise it. In any other game, the sky would just be a generic colour/clouds/sun job. Looking at the header of this forum -- anybody who's played or looked at plenty of Psychonauts images would instantly recognise it as within Sasha's brain. Everything is just so distinctive.

I love Tim Schafer, and I love Double Fine. This has been my most anticipated game since Grim Fandango. Roll on April!

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