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Originally posted by Kurgan
Here's some pics I took at max settings (and yes, you can bind F12 or whatever to a screenshot key and the bmps appear in Gamedata/System/ just like UT).

Yes, I didn't bother to resize them so they are huge (like 160 kb's), only converted to JPEG. They are also fairly dark, but that's how you see them in-game.

Demo "Special" Weapons
All weapons have reloading except the pistol, which recharges (infinite ammo) much like your first gun in Unreal. The grenades you toss don't seem to have variable throwing power or distance, just fire and forget (like SWBattlefront). The Sniper Rifle has two levels of zoom.

(PS: It's interesting how you can't heal the Wookiee's and they can only use melee attacks themselves)

Then you get to use that Trandoshan Turret that fires missiles, and you get four types of grenades. Thermal Detonators, electric shock ones, sonic grenades and I forget the other type. There's a Republic Gunship in the demo, but it's used in a cutscene, rather than drivable.

Your wrist blade only seems to work using the Trooper weapons, except the pistol. For the pistol and everything else you do a rifle butt or pistol whip attack which seems to be just as powerful, although a few of the bigger guns are slower.

If you're curious what your character looks like in third person, here he is, and here
Fixed the broken links, and here's a pic of the Trando heavy machinegun! So that's all the demo weapons....

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