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Question The Dig Remake

I'm a huge Dig fan, got the game, the full soundtrack and play it again once in a while. I loved it so much because you sometimes really feel in another word because of the sounds and excelent design of the alien planet. Now I always imagine a remake of the game. With a very detailed and epic 3D enviroment and high poly cell shaded characters. A bit like the 3d myst but then as an Lucas Arts adventure, so in first person. A Game where you could just spend time relaxing and enjoying a full living 3d Alien world with ofcource the original soundtrack or maybe redone by an orchestra. And maybe besides the puzzels a lot of interactivity with the enviroment. So you could basicly "go there" and just wander off in this world while listening to the "birds" and licht rumbles of a far away thunderstorm. And ofcource a more expanded world with more puzzels that take adantage of the 3d enviroment. And maybe directed by Steven Spielberg himself :P...or is that too much wishing?

What do you think?
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