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I'm skipping the demo. Much like I'm skipping those cutscenes you can download. I figure the least I know about the game the more of a false image I'll create out of it and be blasted away once I pop it into my 'box. I've already probably failed at doing that since I've been reading about it nonstop for two and a half years. It will be so surreal to actually hold the game in my hands.

It is much like acheiving omniscience except instead of knowledge it is going to be coolness and bubbly fun.

There's no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going. There's no knowing where we're rowing or which way the river's flowing. Is it raining? Is it snowing? Is a hurricane a-blowing? Not a speck of light is showing, so the danger must be growing. Are the fires of hell a-glowing? Is the grisly reaper mowing? Yes, the danger must be growing 'cause the rowers keep on rowing, and they're certainly not showing any signs that they are slowing. AAAGGHHH!!!
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