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(( Good, and means the face she puts on for most people. You do not have to put her Demeanor, if she doesn't hide her true self, but I put that option for those who wish to use it.

Alright! Since you didn't give a specific region that she grew up in, I'll assume you meant Briton, seeing as Gaul and most other Celtic strongholds had been taken by Rome.

The wolf may not have to die, but she couldn't bring a dangerous animal with her into slavery, she could let it go before she is captured, to save it if you wish, though it is doubtful it could kill a fully armed and armored Legionnaire.

From what I see of your profile, your character is suited to being captured in battle, though know she can't join the Auxilia or be a Gladiator. They do not allow such roles for women in Rome. Celtic people did allow there women to fight at times however, so you can be captured in a battle if you wish. ))
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