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*The children and Raschel have long gone to sleep, except for Aidan, who reads on the beach with a small light.

As dawn approaches, fog increasingly blankets the area. As the sun begins to peek over the horizon, a thick cover of fog obscures all sight to within five feet.

K'Warra paces through the fog, nearly colliding with Guy*

K'Warra: Hello, seer. What are you doing up so early?

Guy: If you ever become blind, you might find that 'early' and 'late' lose much of their former meaning to you.

K'Warra: So you haven't had any premonitions? No visions? *looks around pointedly at the fog* Nice weather we're having. What do you think about it?

Guy: I think it fits with this planet's normal weather patterns.

K'Warra: But you checked, didn't you?

*Guy doesn't answer. He stares sightlessly off in the general direction of the sunrise*

((Kidnapping next post if anyone wants to do anything before then. Or post where your characters are.))

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