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*Sir-Vin sat on top of a pile of rocks and boulders meditating in the think fog. His thoughts, he kept strangely to himself since he awoke trying to cope and if anything process in his mind what happened during the war...*

*Visions of him attacking and most of the time defending himself agenst the endless sea of Sith, witnessing almost every event that he saw up to the last moments that he remembered. Everything happened quickly, but the last moments slowed down progressively up to the point where he passes out when he circumed to his wounds....*

*In one instant Sir-Vin stands up, opens his eyes and exhales. The immedate fog around him gets pushed away in a 15 foot sphere, then returns slowly somewhat as eriee as it arrived eariler.*

Sir-Vin "Irvine Cracern... It seems like you did not make it through the battle." *saying with a slight morn in his voice* "I could almost envy you, silly how it is that we both went into the battle knowing that we could both die. Yet I warned you, and you persisted... I consider you lucky to not have to deal with anymore with Universe being torn to shreds..."

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