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Name: Arthur Dore
Age: 25
Race: English
Height: 5,10
Weight: 180 lbs
Nature: Chivelrious
Hair: Curly, yet kind of scruffy and long, black
Eyes: Brown
Skills: Sword play, archery, defense, courtisy, and kindness. ((I know, the last two aren't really skills, but...))
Items: Two handed sword,a short bow, red cape, iron chain mail ((If he gets far enough in the ranks of ROme, he'll get steel armor like the legionares armor.)), pants?, brown boots, and steel bracers.

Background: In anceint Europe, young boys from each family, were sent to serve rome. For years they served, untill they earned their freedom. He serves rome well. He wasn't really "captured" but instead, ordered to go to rome, and serve it for years, as a knight.

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