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Originally posted by bounty8
I've tried joypads...and it is much harder to aim I think....and this aim assist issue is only for classes that have no splash damage capability.

Like I say. Just call them yourself if you wish to debate it with the people that designed the game. I think they know a little more about it than the rest of us. We might not like it, but thats the way it was meant to be.
I understand your point of view, but you shall agree that for casual gamers it don't make a great difference, but when clans and skilled players are involved, a good placed auto-aimed infantry could bring the difference.
I keep on asking to me why someone should choose a gamepad to play a shooter, when could use the kb/m option.

For the difficult controlling system... i remember when i learned to key-strafe and mouse-look, playing with Quake, and it was hard too, but with perseverance and training i was able to get used to it. Why gamepad users should not make the same? They wanted to use it? So they HAVE to learn to use it!
Finally: get off that freakin'auto-aim from the game!!!

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