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*After the cermony only Gerd went to sleep, the rest of the Aesir were in the forward lounge on the upper deck of the ship. Their armor and cloaks were lain along the walls, the Aesir wore only short sleeved shirts and pants and boots. A drake appeared along their forearms, and when the light caught the image it glinted like it was made out of metal. Indeed if you ran your fingers across the image it felt like metal.

Heimdall stood looking out a window at the incoming fog, his hands clasped behind his back, thinking about standing on the cliffs of Himinbrog looking out at the countryside and feeling at peace. It seemed like ages since he had that feeling.

A hand gently touched his shoulder, and he looked to his side to see Idona smiling at him. He put his arm around her shoulders, and she slipped her arm around his waiste and leaned her head against his chest. Heimdall looked down at Idona, and not for the first time thoughts of marrying her passed through his head. Looking up, he put the thoughts out of his mind and just enjoyed being in her company, one of the few joys that remained in this doomed galaxy.*

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