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Why does everyone hate the sig??? Fine then - you win.

Here is some more of it:


Miss Collins ran after him. The class erupted into a fit of laughter and questions about what Max had done. Tara just sat there; she could guess what would happen.
Tara was right. Max ran down the hallway and went quickly down the stairs, followed by the teacher, who could not catch up with Max as he was running. By the time Miss Collins got to the stairs, Max was no where to be seen. She ran down the stairs, but then did she go into the English department, or go down to the ground floor? The ground floor, he’d be running out of the school.
Tara looked at her watch and pressed the screen with her middle finger, it read her finger print and the screen changed. Now it had several buttons on the screen. She pushed one or two, when no one was looking and she spoke softly into it. “Max, what are you thinking? I know that you’re worried, but you need to calm down. Come back in or you’ll be expelled.” She pushed another button and it switched back into the ordinary watch.
The teacher came back in to the class out of breath. She sat at her computer and typed up and e-mail. It said:

Max Eco has just run out of my maths class after he got a detention for not doing any work in my class, his english class or having his geography homework.

I tried to run after him but he had a head start and I can not find him. I guess that he has run out of the school, but I am not sure.

I would like to know what to do with him as he rarely gets all his work finished in my lessons and I do not think that he gets a lot done in other lessons. He is a cleaver student if he works, but I feel that his mind is always elsewhere.

Miss Collins
She sent the e-mail to the head teacher – Mr Jackal and Max’s tutor – Mrs Banco.
Soon, after she had sent the e-mail, she started the lesson again, there was about ten minutes left of the lesson, when Tara felt her wrist vibrate. She pressed the screen again and then pushed another button, this was done very subtly and no one noticed.
Tara could hear Max’s voice “I’m coming back in, but I’m not happy about it” Tara could hear Max, but no one else could, she could hear him through her WCD – Wrist Computer Device. She pushed one more button and it turned back again.
After a minute, Max came to the door; he opened it and sat down in his seat next to Tara. He said nothing.
“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” screamed Miss Collins.
“I was in the toilet,” he said calmly “I then wondered around the school and got bored, so I came back here.”
Max had been on their ship, seeing what the army was doing. He did not like the look of it. It seemed larger than he had anticipated and the army members where not all who he expected – not just the regular army, but the Ninja Troopers and Lyon’s Wolfmen too. He was very worried, he did not care about the maths or french that he would have to face, this army would be enough to complete Maven’s plans – take over the world.

The lesson soon finished and Max and Tara spoke to Miss Collins. Tara explained after Max was sent out the room, to see the head teacher, that Max’s parents were in the middle of a messy divorce and he was upset by it. Miss Collins accepted this, but still was not convinced. She let Tara go with an angry word or two.
Tara ran out of the room after Max and told him the story she had told the maths teacher. It was a completely fake story, but it worked for the teachers when it had to.
Max had a very short temper, and no one who knew the real him could blame him. His parents had died when he was young, that’s when he got his powers, now he was the leader of the Power Kids, he was under strain, but he rarely let his temper go that high, but he was rarely under so much pressure.

Tara went to Mr Jackal’s room with Max. “Remember,” she told him, “you can’t get away with everything here, you need to be careful what you do when.”
“I know.” said Max, he was upset now, he realised what he had done, he realised that he almost let his powers show, that would have given him away. After Max’s powers were in the open, it would not take long to find out Tara had powers too, then Ponray and Zamler would be found out too. It would not be a nice place to be when they were discovered.
Max went on, “I know what I did almost gave us away, but it wasn’t what I needed just then.” He looked around to check no one was around. “Be prepared for a fight tonight, the Ninja Troopers and Lyon’s guys are there too.”
Tara gave a long sigh, “This was never in the contract when I signed up.”
“Tara, we never got a contract, or a choice. The council gave me the powers without me wanting them.”
“It’s hard to imagine life without them now, isn’t it?”
“Almost too hard, and it’s started to worry me. Will we be doing this all our lives? Fighting these guys, never having a life?”
“I hope not.”
Just then Mr Jackal came and saw them. “I got the e-mail Miss Collins sent Max,” he said.
Tara cut in, “I’d better get to french, I’ll see you after school.” She ran up the stairs and went to her french class.


That is the end of the first chapter


bye all

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