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Well...I have raised the bullsh1t flag on this since their has been little to no help to this problem.

What I did was I loaded the game clean and then the patches.

Then I went to Multiply Player and looked at what maps it said I was missing.

Then I went are redownloaded each custom map that I was missing.

Put them in the Addon Folder on the C Drive.

Then went back to Multiply Player and low and behold it says have the freakin map.

So I select a server and it either lets me in and I can play or it gives me a message such as..."You can not enter, you do not have the map being played."

Now this is pretty much a 50/50 shot so something needs fixed...

My suggestion is a freakin AUTO DOWNLOAD like Call of Duty that way the Server Runs the show and you don't waist hours loading maps just to get some bullcrap responce from a server that you dont' have a map you just downloaded.

This also happens on Custom Maps that only have 1 version not multi-versions so that excuse is out to.

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