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Here's some more of the story


Chapter 2

Tara ran into her french class late, “I’m sorry I’m late miss,” she said in a sincere tone of voice, that was completely fake, “I was with Mr Jackal.”
“Why were you with him?” asked the teacher, Madame Petite. She was quite small and there were rumours that she had been called that by her class once and she took the name.
“Max Eco stormed out of maths and he was sent there after the lesson and I went with.”
“Why did you go with? If you were not sent.”
“To make sure he didn’t do anything in his temper.” This was the truth, but she did not let Max know that, he would not be happy.
“Fine then, just sit down.”
Tara sat next to Ponray Beseder, she was Tara’s best friend, she was slightly smaller than Tara and had green eyes and reddish hair that went down to the top of her neck.
“What did Max do?” she asked, she knew as best as anyone what Max could do. She once turned to help Maven and Max with all his anger nearly killed her. That was forgotten now though.
Tara spoke through a mind connection that the two girls could get. “He stormed out the class when Miss Collins gave him a detention. He went to the ship and saw the army.”
“Did Miss Collins know?”
“She knew he ran out, it was hard to miss after the speech he gave about not caring about geography or English or whatever it was. He could have given us away with the mood he was in.”
“Then let’s hope that he calms down for Mr Jackal.”
“I would doubt it to be honest, I’d have stayed, but then I’d get caught for bunking.”
“Couldn’t you use the holograph?”
“Too risky, if I was seen here, and then seen there, people are going to get wondering what I’m up to”
They talked the whole lesson about the battle to come and Max’s anger. They were also trying to work out if Max was out of Mr Jackal’s lesson, because he was in a different french class.
“I hope he doesn’t say anything stupid to him,” said Ponray.
“He won’t, he was calmer when I left him.”
The school bell rang, again they had done no work, but the teacher did not check, so they got away with it.
They walked slowly out of the room; they had been dreading this. They walked past Mr Jackal’s office, Max was not in there.
“Is that good or bad?” asked Ponray, this time out loud, she did not like the mind connection, but they had to use it when they would get caught.
“Could be either” answered Tara, “if he’s walking out of school, then it’s good. If he stormed out of the office in a temper ten minutes after he went in”
“Then that’s bad?” Ponray cut in.
“Yeah,” said Tara, “hey, Pon, wait a sec.” Tara ran to the head teacher’s office and knocked on the door.
“Come in.” Came a voice from inside.
“Ummm, sir, I was just wondering what happened with Max? He was angry when I left for my french lesson earlier and I was just wondering what happened. I’d ask him my self, but if he got angry I doubt he’d tell me the truth.”
“We talked about the situation he’s in,”
“With his parents?” asked Tara
“Yes, and I made it clear to him that his behaviour is not acceptable in school.”
“But he kept calm?”
“Yes, he kept calm, at least on the outside.”
“What do you mean by that?” Asked Ponray, who had been listening.
“He did not seem to like me talking about his parents.”
“He doesn’t, he prefers not to be reminded of the situation.” Exclaimed Tara
“I can understand that.”
“So he went to french and that’s the end?” Asked Ponray.
“Yes, he went to french and I haven’t seen him since.”
“Thank you sir.” Said Tara, then she and Ponray left the office and walked to their lockers
“That’s good to know.” Said Ponray.
“Are you sure?”
“It sounded to me like he nearly said something about his parents.”
“Wasn’t that the point, he went through the fact his parents are having a divorce and Max doesn’t like it.”
“Max doesn’t like it because his parents are” Tara went into a whisper “dead.”
“But I thought the story was his idea.”
“It was,” Tara opened up her locker and took out two books, “but he is regretting it now, he did it to keep his parents as alive as possible.”
“By giving them a divorce?”
“It’s a believable story about his parents and his temper.”
“So what’s ours?” Ponray was very interested to hear the answer.
“We don’t need one, we don’t have as many enemies as Max, we don’t have the pressure that Max has.”
“We have plenty of pressure on us, but we are fine, we don’t get-”
“So angry?”
“Look at your self, your angry now,”
“Then why don’t we have excuses,” They had walked outside and were standing around talking, waiting for a moment where no one was going to be able to see them.
“I don’t know, you’ve never needed one.”
“And he does?”
“When was the last time you stormed out a class?” They were shouting now.
“Last year, it was English, she was being a-”
“Ok then.” Tara calmed down. “If you want an excuse think of a believable one, one that will work for ages, one that won’t sound as though it sounds like an excuse and one that doesn’t sound too much like Max’s to sound fake and to make his start to sound fake.”
Ponray was silent for a moment.
“You see how hard it is, that’s why Max chose his parents.”
“How do you know all that?” Ponray was calmer now too.
“He told me. Now shut up, we’re clear.”
They turned on their WCDs and they pushed a few buttons, they looked around “let’s go.” Said Tara.
They pushed one more button and they disappeared from the school and reappeared in a large ship.
“Hey Zamler,” said Ponray, as they came into the ship. The teleportation was instant, although you could see the person for a few milliseconds after the teleportation, they were trying to fix it, but so far, no luck.
The ship was large and shaped like a cross between the ‘Millennium Falcon’ from Star Wars and the Enterprise from Star Treck (the next generation) and was called ‘The Hiker Dragon’. It was designed like this, because Zamler was the only science fiction fan in the group, so he got the ideas.
The outside of the ship, was shaped like a disk and had a large cylindrical base. Then it had large sections at the front sticking out of the base, which were shaped almost like witches hats, with the pointed sections connected to the ship and the large ends were hollow - there were two of these sections, one on the right, one on the left. In the middle of the two sections was a force shield that was in the main cylindrical base. This opened to let the Fighters (one manned ships, that are based on X Wings) out of the ship.
“Hi,” said Zamler Starng, he had short blond hair and was taller than both the girls, he too was fourteen and went to the same school although he was American. He had been here for three years, which was when he got his powers, he had an American accent, but spoke proper English now. He was wearing a red long sleeved T-shirt and black Jeans.
“Has Max come in?” Asked Tara.
“Now, or earlier?”
“We know he came in earlier, he stormed out of maths to come here.”
“I wondered why he was here, but he didn’t say”
“He got detention and got angrier than I’ve ever seen him outside of battle.”
“I can’t blame him, looking at this army.” Said Ponray, she had walked over to a computer and scanned the army on the field.
“It doesn’t look good,” said Zamler.
“Your right, that’s why I’ve been training.” The three of them turned around to see Max by the wall. He had changed from the white shirt, black trousers, black blazer and blue tie of school uniform (the girls wore the same but with black skirts), into a black sleeveless T-shirt and light blue baggy tracksuit trousers. He had sweat all down his face.
“Max,” said Ponray, “You look tired, we’re going to need all our strength.”
“But if I don’t train, how am I going to fight that army?” he wiped the sweat off his face.
“She’s right Max.” Said Zamler, “You, the most of all of us need your strength. You’re the one that Maven is going to want to fight the most. Your the only one that can truly fight her, we get slaughtered.”
“I know, but I’ve made a new training program with the army, it is a way of seeing how things will fair, it changes when anything new comes to the field and uses normal tactics they use.”
“So it’s a way of dying before we die?” asked Tara sarcastically.
“It uses normal VR-”
“It uses normal virtual reality rules” Said Tara, finishing Max’s sentence.
“Yeah” Said Max angrily.
“We knew, I was being stupid,” said Zamler, “your getting edgy, I was testing your anger.”
“Did I pass?”
Ponray answered “Yeah right!”
“You need to calm down,” said Tara “she’s done this with the army to get us agitated, and it’s worked. If you get too angry out in the battle, then you won’t be paying as much attention as you should and you’ll have a sword in your back.”
Max gave a sigh and leant with one hand on the wall he was standing next to. “I guess your right. Could you come and just look at the program? It will help, I promise you that.”
“I guess it would help.” Agreed Zamler, “if the VR rules apply, you remember what happened last time you made one in a hurry?”
“I know that there was some wrong programming, but it’s fine, I’ve tested it.”
“I hope so, I almost died last time” said Ponray
“It’s fine!” Shouted Max. He turned around and put his hand on a pad on the wall and disappeared.
It was a transporter. It had DNA recognition and turned the DNA into computer data. Then it sent the data to another transporter on the ship and it put the data back into matter. This was also how the WCDs worked, but it worked over longer distances.
After Max left, there was a moment of silence, it was broken by Ponray. She was sitting at a computer with a large army on the screen.
“What’s happened?” Asked Tara quickly running over to Ponray and looked over he shoulder.
Zamler was standing over another computer with blueprints of vehicles and weapons. He pushed a few buttons on the keyboard and brought up a different screen, so he was seeing what was on Ponray’s screen. “Not good. Tara, get Max.”
“Sure,” she said as she ran over to the wall. “Are the boards done?”
“Almost” answered Zamler.
Tara ran to the wall and transported to the training room.


That's the whole chapter


You may recognise some of the names used from RPGs I've done - I needed names and there were some that worked.


bye all


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