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Originally posted by ChAiNz.2da
No, that is the latest version.

Fred is working hard on a newer version that has several fixes included, just follow his posts on what is being worked on.

As with anyone else that uses this fine tool, all we can ask for is a little patience and constructive trouble-shooting to aid Fred.

Considering I've yet to see anyone else even start on developing their own KotOR Tool, and the fact that Fred doesn't charge a dime for it... I'd ask from here on out that everyone restrain from petty "bitching and moaning" and offer Fred just the straight facts and provide him with details when he asks for them.

Considering KT has always been a WIP, we can't and shouldn't expect perfection with the first or even subsequent releases. TSL pretty much proved that point Give him some time and I'm quite sure you'll be nothing short of pleased...

If this post has 'miffed' anyone, I truly apologize. I have a PM box that can be utilized to vent your rage... but let's try not to clutter this thread with bickering and re-buttals...
I would understand and wait if this was a bug that hasn't been fixed, but some people have said that it has already been fixed and that i should get the *new* *NEW* there is no such fix yet?

if not, sorry for bitching.....well, i will use the Kotor I only version for now, it works with no problems.

EDIT: Oops, i forgot about the edit thing, sorry. :/
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