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As I have said in the past, and now for the benefit of those with under 100 posts <grin>, working on a tool of this complexity in a professional environment would result in one release every 3-6 months. Bugs or not, you'd have to wait. The flip side is that you can have new features and fixes more often, but not everything will be fixed in a given release, and some new bugs may even creep in.

It takes a *long* time to do a complete set of regression tests on a piece of software like Kotor Tool, so I forgo doing them in favor of smaller unit tests. Sometimes little things slip by, like the crazy button-movement in the Inventory editor.

Know as well, that I write code 8-10 hours a day as my primary job, then spend several more hours in the evening, sometimes until 2:00 AM, working on Kotor Tool. It is hard to get everything 100% right when you get 6 hours of sleep! I haven't even had the time to play KotOR II (thanks, ChAiNz.2da!) more than 1.5 hours yet. All of my free time has gone into making a new version of Kotor Tool available to my friends here in this community. Heck, I haven't even been to the movies since I started the first Kotor Tool back around December 2003! No time!

As Darth333 and ChAiNz.2da mentioned, I do this for free. I now have 511 hours invested in Kotor Tool, and even with the kind and generous donations, if you calculated an hourly rate, it would be indeed less that US $1/hr. Tools that do far simpler stuff, like set your PC's clock to match an atomic standard, charge a shareware fee. I don't; the donations folks make allow me to avoid the side jobs needed to pay bills, replace failed hard drives, and other such stuff. So... think about it....

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