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Originally posted by Fred Tetra
As I have said in the past, and now for the benefit of those with under 100 posts <grin>, working on a tool of this complexity in a professional environment would result in one release every 3-6 months. Bugs or not, you'd have to wait. The flip side is that you can have new features and fixes more often, but not everything will be fixed in a given release, and some new bugs may even creep in.

It takes a *long* time to do a complete set of regression tests on a piece of software like Kotor Tool, so I forgo doing them in favor of smaller unit tests. Sometimes little things slip by, like the crazy button-movement in the Inventory editor.

Know as well, that I write code 8-10 hours a day as my primary job, then spend several more hours in the evening, sometimes until 2:00 AM, working on Kotor Tool. It is hard to get everything 100% right when you get 6 hours of sleep! I haven't even had the time to play KotOR II (thanks, ChAiNz.2da!) more than 1.5 hours yet. All of my free time has gone into making a new version of Kotor Tool available to my friends here in this community. Heck, I haven't even been to the movies since I started the first Kotor Tool back around December 2003! No time!

As Darth333 and ChAiNz.2da mentioned, I do this for free. I now have 511 hours invested in Kotor Tool, and even with the kind and generous donations, if you calculated an hourly rate, it would be indeed less that US $1/hr. Tools that do far simpler stuff, like set your PC's clock to match an atomic standard, charge a shareware fee. I don't; the donations folks make allow me to avoid the side jobs needed to pay bills, replace failed hard drives, and other such stuff. So... think about it....
I appreciate what you're doing. I know people can be pretty demanding about things. It's hard to make everyone happy, but you're being very successful at it.

It's kinda amazing really that you do all this on your own. I know how much time a project like this takes. Know that i never thought that you are incapable or not very good at doing this just because there are a few minor bugs. I personally think you're doing a wonderful job reducing the bugs to minimum, especially because i know that you probably don't have 30 computers and 30 testers who would test the program before you release it. You have to do this all by yourself and that's something i can respect.

I think that you should just stop working on KT for a few days or weeks and play the game and go to the movies. You more than deserve it. Resume your work when you feel like you want it to. Don't mind us. We can wait. Well, maybe you can release one more version if you want to before you go, but that's it. No really. You'll enjoy your work a lot better if you take some time off. Trust me.

As for the donations. I would gladly donate some money, but PayPal is not avaible for my country. Maybe i can send it to you in an envelope if you want to.

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